Digital Marketing

What Will I Learn?

    1) Overview of Digital Marketing

           i) Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

          ii) Digital Marketing Techniques and Strategies

          iii) Analysis of Market trends 

    2) Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

           i) Introduction to Search Engines

          ii) SEO techniques

          iii) Advertisements

          iv) SEO Marketing Strategies

    3) Briefings

           i) Online payments

          ii) Disability Web Access

          iii) Surveys and Forms

          iv) Affiliate and Voucher Marketing

           v) Crowd Sourcing

    4) Social Media Marketing

           i) Facebook

          ii) LinkedIn

          iii) Blogs

          iv) Twitter

          v) Google+

    5) Web Marketing

           i) Google Ad words

          ii) Google My Business

          iii) Video Marketing- YouTube

          iv) E-mail Marketing

           v) Mobile Marketing

    6) Inbound Marketing

           i) Concept of Inbound and Outbound Marketing

          ii) Inbound Marketing Techniques

          iii) Implementation of Inbound Marketing

    7) Analysis

           i) WebMaster Tool

          ii) Google Analytics

          iii) Tracking of Success

          iv) Advanced level Remarketing Strategies

    8) Current Trends

           i) Lead Generation

          ii) Marketing Automation

          iii) Online Reputation Management (ORM)

          iv) Media Buying and Planning

           v) Growth Hacking


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